Warning on Abusive Twitter Account(s)

It has come to my attention that a former member of Pawfleet has continually taken to Twitter to ask for a financial bailout for their own frequent, repeated poor financial decisions. We all know someone who’s life is always constantly in crisis…this individual used to be ours until the decision ultimately had to be made to remove this individual from our ranks.

This individual has repeatedly lashed out angrily at anyone who offers any assistance save for sending money. This is, by my count, at least the fourth time in a year I’ve seen such requests for a financial bailout going across Twitter.

I’m not sure if this individual is scamming, or if they are just unwilling to make any positive changes in their own life. At any rate, I would like to make the following statements on behalf of Pawfleet.

1. @brodie_dog, @beta_troi, @q_troi, @obi_troi and @leia_troi, as well as the human behind them @bipolarlioness, ARE NOT affiliated with Pawfleet anymore IN ANY WAY. Should there be any attempt to claim Pawfleet affiliation, please know it is false.

2. This individual has chosen to be rude, cruel and frankly somewhat abusive to many people who have tried to help. I must sadly recommend that you stay away, as this individual seems to have no intention to make any changes in their life and will doubtless be back asking for more help with the next “crisis” whether real or manufactured.

3. If you experience said issues, please report the offending account(s) as SPAM. Perhaps Twitter will see fit to do something on their end.

Thank you for giving this post your attention. I want you all to know this post is not meant to be angry or spiteful. However, I have seen far too many friends hurt by this individual, and I wish to see this end.


Captain Watson Q. Wheaton
USS Crusher