Updated Chain of Command – Stardate 11209.05

Given our recent promotions, I felt it was time to update our Chain of Command again.

A quick reminder: In the event that an officer is brought on board via Field Commission (that is, without going through #Pawfleet Academy) that officer will be automatically outranked by any #Pawfleet Academy graduate holding the same rank, regardless of chronological seniority.

All officers who have come into #Pawfleet via field commission do have the option to attend the Academy and receive a traditional commission. At which point they will be subject to the standard chain of command. Any officer with a field commission who wishes to attend #Pawfleet Academy will be given preference over new recruits.

The reason for this policy is not to undermine those who have been helpful enough to come in to #Pawfleet in tough situations at a moments notice. Rather, it is to ensure that those officers who take the time to go through #Pawfleet Academy are given an advantage to their time and effort in training.  Once again remember that any field commissioned officer is welcome to attend the academy. If they do, they will retain their current field commission rank throughout training as a brevet rank.


Reminder: If at any point during a mission an official commanding officer (myself, First Officer Commander Brodie or Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Kona) is not available, the highest ranking officer (or in the absence of a commissioned officer, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer, whether Cadet or enlisted) available remains in command until relieved by a higher ranking officer.

Please note that the official chain of command for the ship stands like this:

1. Captain Watson
2. Commander Brodie
3. Lieutenant Commander Kona
4. Lieutenant Commander AmDog *
5. Lieutenant Toby
6. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Tabbywan
7. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Cheeto
8. Ensign LilBit
9. Ensign Beta
10. Ensign Susie **
11.  Ensign Parrot **
12. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Luka
13. Cadet Petty Officer Heisenberg and Cadet Petty Officer Noklop
14. Cadet Crewman William

* Note: As ship’s doctor, Dr. AmDog holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the rights and privileges that go with that rank, however, as Chief medical officer, he is not generally part of the command hierarchy. (So, if he is the highest ranking officer available, mission command moves from Lt. Commander Kona to Lt. Toby, or the next highest available rank.)

** Denotes an officer with a field commission rather than a traditional commission.

Important Reminder: Even when two officers/crewmembers/cadets hold the same rank, there is still a hierarchy based on who was promoted first. The only exception is when two are promoted on the same day/enlisted on the same day.