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Krishna Patel, a spokeswoman for the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, said … (295,025 sq. ". [Arizona] what does partial check mean? English Translation. According to state statute (Arizona law) the State of Arizona, Secretary of State is the keeper of the seal, and may grant a certificate of approval for a state agency. Scholars disagree, however, about the meaning and derivation of the name “Arizona.” Dean Saxton notes in Dictionary: Tohono O'odham/Pima to English, English to Tohono O'odham/Pima, that the name Arizona comes from “Al Shon,” translated as “Place of Little Spring.” Historian James H. McClintock complements this interpretation in Arizona, Prehistoric, Aboriginal, Pioneer, Modern: The Nation’s Youngest Commonwealth within a Land of Ancient Culture. "A Sorry State of Affairs When Views Change. Meaning of TUCson, Arizona. In Arizona (Never Arizonac), Garate cites a 1737 report by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza that a slab of silver weighing more than 2,500 pounds had been discovered "between the Guevavi Mission and the ranchería called Arizona (entre la Miss.n de Guebabi, y la ranchería del Arissona)." State Historian Marshall Trimble agrees with Donald T. Garate’s different interpretation. a state of the southwestern US: consists of the Colorado plateau in the northeast, including the Grand Canyon, divided from desert in the southwest by mountains rising over 3750 m (12 500 ft). Place name: southwestern American state. No sunscreen can filter out 100% of the sun's UVB rays. 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Please check back regularly for updates, We are committed to providing continuity of services while reducing exposure risks. What does "north/south orientation" mean in the marketing of an Arizona home? Information and translations of TUCson, Arizona in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Most Arizona employers are aware that Arizona is an “at-will” employment state. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Arizona to us below. Arizona in British English. Arizona residents trying to stay up-to-date and informed on COVID-19 data … All State Name Origins, Spanish called the area Arisona, Arissona or Arizona, based on native American word(s) translated as meaning, Source | Reference Links | Additional Resources, The Aztec - U.S. Country Studies - Mexico. What does Arizona mean in Spanish? Dictionary entry overview: What does Arizona mean? For many years known for its Indian hostilities, and conflicts between the Indians and U. S. troops; also for frequent terrible massacres of … Is the situation improving? Meadview, in northwest Arizona is located on the Arizona side of Lake Mead, at the extreme western end of the Grand Canyon National Park. Read More » Possibly, but it is not a definitive transformation for the state, according to those who follow political trends closely. It is the 6th largest and the 14th most populous of the 50 states. The exact evolution of the name Arizona is debated by historians; the Spanish called the area Arisona, Arissona or Arizona, based on native American word (s) translated as meaning "silver-bearing" or "place of the small spring." Based on studying historical documents, Garate found evidence suggesting that the name Arizona is a Basque word meaning “The Good Oak Tree.”. Capital: Phoenix. Arizona. ASSOCIATED WITH small (little), spring. Within this area was a place that the Spanish called Arisona, Arissona or Arizona. The Papago Indian elements for "place of the small spring" created the word Arizonac, from which Arizona may have been derived. Arizona may also have come from the O'odham elements ali meaning "small" and sonak or shonak meaning "stream." It is pronounced eh-R-eh-Z OW Naa- †. Capital: Phoenix. In the short story, “This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona”, by Sherman Alexie, I looked at two characters: Thomas and Victor. Arizona definition, a state in SW United States. However, Trimble thinks it’s more likely that Arizona comes from “haritz ona,” which roughly translates to “the good oak tree” in Basque. 6 Answers. Here a few things right off the bat to … Arizona legalized adult-use cannabis: What does this mean? Arizona State Library, Archives & Records COVID-19 Response – Temporarily suspending all in-person services, while maintaining our statutory responsibilities.

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