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I just bought a Godin LG (first series) equipped with these pickups. $19.79 New---- Used; Seymour Duncan 1101805NC Antiquity Humbucker Pickup… Heck I can find 50 examples of Seth Lover … Description Specs Rated 5/5 Reviews An Original Design from the Godfather of Humbuckers! The Seth Lover is named after an old pickup designer in the 50s who designed the early. The brighter tones towards the end are the bridge pickup. Warm, creamy, full of sustain, and able to translate the unique playing styles of each player right into our ears. I’ll be getting another one. The Seth Lover succeeds. The bridge anybody tried? It’s the sound of Rock & Roll Royalty, from Jimmy Page’s heartbreaking Les Paul to Billy Gibbons’ Pearly Gates… from the greenest Peter Green to the god-like Clapton’s blues-breaking tones. This pickup … DiMarzio DP103 (Best on a Budget) Another faithful PAF reproduction, the DiMarzio take on this … Who is your favorite guitarist to use original PAF pickups? Seth E. Lover (January 1, 1910 in Kalamazoo, Michigan – January 31, 1997 in Garden Grove, California) was a designer of amplifiers and musical instrument electronics and effects.He is most famous for developing the Gibson humbucker or hum-cancelling electric stringed instrument pickup… SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge, Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the Vintage Output Humbuckers series. He went on as an engineer for Gibson for many years, and eventually ended up at Fender, where he was also responsible for some early solid state amplifier designs. ... No ratings or reviews yet. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Seth's have unbalanced coils and are unpotted; that gives more open, complex tones. Should I have used 250 or 300k pots instead? The Seths have polished AlNiCo 2 while the Antiquities have rough cast AlNiCo 2. Santa Barbara, California. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. From Joe Perry and Steve Stevens to Dweezil Zappa and Blues Saraceno, top guitar heavies use 'em. According to Chet Atkins’s 2001 autobiography, Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars, it was his friend and inventor Ray Butts who devised the Filter’Tron to combat the 60 cycle hum inherent in early single coil pickups. I really like the Seth Lovers. Alright! Seth Lover set Nickel. I used these caps (see link below) on both bridge and neck SL’s. The Seth Lover came about as a result of Seymour Duncan working with Seth Lover (the original PAF designer) himself to help come about with a truer PAF pickup. Magnet materials range from the softer-voiced Alnico II and slightly hotter Alnico V, with ceramic magnets often reserved for higher-output pickups … This came from a sticker on the bottom of these pickups, and actually continued for a bit on Gibson’s pickups even after a patent was granted. According to the Tone Chart, the bass/middle/treble for the Seths are 6/4/8. The Seth Lover is one of Duncans more old school pickups. Seymour Duncan SH55n Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Neck Nickel Cover. Not long ago, another shredder from the 80s told me about his Seth… Any guitar today that uses two coils in the same housing wired to get rid of the hum associated with single coil pickups owes a bit of thanks to the original pioneer of pickup design, Seth Lover. The elastic snap … The alnico 2 bar magnet helps to smooth the high end … Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. My sound clips were played into a Mesa Boogie Blue Angel with a Tube Screamer and an analog delay. Was thinking bout using a set of Seth Lover’s in an HSH Strat. Short story is that the Ibanez pickups, though probably able to order thru a Authorized Ibanez Dealer (like Guitar Center) it isn't that easy a process. Oh yeah! When I play them near my computer screen and other electronic gear I don't hear a lot of … Any guitar today that uses two coils in the same housing wired to get rid of the hum associated with single coil pickups owes a bit of thanks to the original pioneer of pickup design, Seth Lover. I've got a Seth Lover on my Carvin Bolt and an Ibanez Artcore TM-71 with the stock pickups. Butts wired two coils out of phase, creating what could be considered the first humbucker. Seymour Duncan developed their amazing SH-55 humbucking pickup with the help of the very inventor of the humbucker himself, Seth Lover. Designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor, the late Seth Lover. You’ve heard this sound. [6] Because of this, and because of its use on the Gibson Les Paul guitar, … Don’t be afraid to turn those 500k pots down, either, or use the tone controls on the amp to compensate. The Seth Lover neck model gives you a smooth but articulate tone by striking the perfect balance of warm, full low end and a nice sweet treble. Oh great the C55 you used for sounds is a full scale so I have an idea now. I think they’re the best for jazz, blues, fusion and classic rock where their pronounced mids and spongy bottom can show off. Admittedly, being an 80s riff-rock shredder, I had not previously considered Seymour’s Seth Lover humbuckers. The SH-55 Seth Lover pickups were created between Seymour Duncan and humbucker inventor Seth Lover to be as true as possible to the original 1955 P.A.F. I installed a Gibson ES 335 which are original with 57 Classic. Many Sweetwater guitarists rely on Seymour Duncan's Seth Lover SH-55 Humbucker Neck/Bridge pickup set to delivers the goods. The technical differences between the Seth Lover … The second DiMarzio PAF pickup on our list is the DP103 PAF humbucker pickup model that features a soft magnetic field… In the mid-50s, Gibson electronics engineer Seth Lover set about creating the company’s first humbucking pickup.A patent was applied for in 1955 and by the following year the new device … Sweet sound. I used to have a 1962 ES-345 with PAFs in there. They also amplify 60-cycle hum (or 50-cycle depending on what country you’re in) along with the sound of the strings. They really are the best clean, or with just some overdrive, like the sound of overdriven power tubes. A successful early humbucking pickup was the so-called PAF (literally 'Patent Applied For') invented by Seth Lover in 1955. I think they’re begging for a semi- or full hollowbody, where their jazzy warmth can shine the best. It’s a purely vintage pickup that features an Alnico II magnet, single conductor braid shielded wiring, adjustable pole pieces on one coil and is not wax potted. Thanks to Lover's input, the result was nothing short of but pure, iconic, instantly recognizable humbucker tone. The SH-55 was designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor Seth Lover. Their pickups are the counterparts to brands like Dimarzio. The Seymour Duncan Seth Lover is Duncan’s tribute to the original Seth Lover PAF humbucker featured in the original Gibson Les Pauls. In my day… Back in the early part of the 20th century, the only pickups … Designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor, the late Seth Lover. They don’t seem to cost very much for how nice of a pickup they are but that’s fine with me. How about in a Strat? Re: Pearly Gates vs Seth Lover IMO, Seth's are a great PU, PG's are a good PU. While it was designed with 24.75″ scale guitars in mind, it works well in a Strat too, as the open sound and vintage output blends well with middle and neck single coils. While Dimarzio has been more popular in strat style guitars and Shred guitars Seymour Duncan has been more popular among Les Paul and Gibson players. How Does It Sound? I find the bridge a liittle bright for my taste but I am using 500k pots. item 4 Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Set Nickel SH-55 11108-20-NC openbox 3 - Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Set Nickel SH-55 11108-20-NC openbox. Actually, those are the very ones I use. I used a set of Seth Lovers in my Eastman T184mx and they sound sweet. Just like the original 1955 P.A.F.s, the … Gretsch was utilizing DeArmond pickups at the time. It’s a vintage-voiced Strat single-coil, but features a stacked, dual-coil architecture that eliminates 60-cycle hum. What kind of guitar would you put the Seth Lover Models in? In my day… Back in the early part of the 20th century, the only pickups available were single coils. would be considered a sedate vintage option in your guitar, while metal players look to ever more powerful pickups to chase more gain, harmonics and sustain. They're the closest you'll ever get to the original humbucking pickup Seth Lover designed for Gibson in 1955. All rights reserved. And why? I kept the chords pretty sparse so you could hear the sound of the pickups. This humbucking pickup has the standard stats - two coils, gold-plated metal cover, gold-plated screws, the whole 9 yards. Or a 339, or any semi- or full hollowbody. Here are the Seths in a full mix setting. Thanks again! I interviewed Seth Lover in 1992 for The Les Paul Book, my first book about Gibson's various Les Paul models, and our conversation focused on the humbucking pickup.Seth (1910–1997) … Designed by Seth Lover for Gibson (and it should be mentioned here that Harmony Central is a Gibson brand), it has become the pickup design that defines what a great humbucking pickup is in the minds of many guitarists. Were they a good choice for Seth Lovers? Jazz, blues, rock; the P-90 did the lot. Its arrival was heralded by the … Thanks for the great question Steve! Just like the original 1955 P.A.F.s, the SH-55 … In many cases, The Sound is why we picked up a guitar in the first place. I am not one that thinks that style of cap makes much of a difference. I installed my Seth Lover’s into my ‘pickup swap’ guitar, a Brian Moore C55. Overall an a inexpensive way to greatly improve your tone and I'm actually surprised more folks havent reviewed … The Bursbucker Pro Rhythm pickup … You would find these pickups on most Gibsons from the mid 1950s to the early 1960s, and they’re known not only for their price today (and rarity) but their sound. Access is very tight on a my hollow body so tweaks are time consuming . The pickups on the Classic are uncovered which I would think would make some difference, but both sets have Alnico 5 magnets. Neck Seth Lover: The juries still out on this one, in no way am I liking this like the Pearly Gates. Using non-wax potted coils, a nickel cover, #42 enamel wire, a longer bottom plate, Alnico II magnets, and a wooden spacer, the Seth Lover model humbucker has the blessing of Seth Lover himself. Seymour Duncan even has the original pickup winder that Seth Lover used, and had access to all of his notes and patent drawings. This set looks a lot like the Seth Lover set. The Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Model Many companies and people have tried to replicate this this pickup, but Seymour Duncan has the formula handed down from Seth Lover himself. Looking at Seymour Duncan wiring diagram they use .047 caps. Seymour set out to make the best replica of Seth’s original pickup, and for anyone who has been fortunate enough to play a 1950s Gibson with Seth’s PAF pickups can tell you, no one comes closer to that sound than Seymour Duncan’s SH-55 model. The Antiquity set has simulated aging where as the Seth Lover set looks brand new. Any recommendation on a Single coil to go with the Seth’s would be appreciated. Overview Ideal for brighter toned instruments, especially with maple and ebony fingerboards. Then along came Seth Lover and the humbucker, and progress, with merciless inertia, swept the P-90 aside. I tend to like a bright neck pickup, which the Pearly Gates fit perfectly, it had a decent bite, some low end … They can be ordered with a gold cover and 4-conductor wiring as well to enable single coil, series/parallel and out-of-phase wiring. The SH-55 Seth Lover model is Seymour Duncan’s tribute to the father of the humbucking pickup. DC Resistance: Neck 7.2k, Bridge 8.1k Resonant Peak: Neck 8.14 KHz, Bridge 5.9 KHz The Seth Lover models come with nickel covers, and single-conductor braided shield. It’s called the PAF, which stands for Patent Applied For. Originally mounted on a Ltd. entry level, I did not exploit its full potential. What did you guys use? While not as big as the 59 Model bridge or beefy as the Whole Lotta Humbucker bridge, the Saturday Night Special bridge is a little like putting the open articulate smooth harmonic complexity of … Given that my Bridge is a tad too bright I wonder should I switch this one to a .047 and leave the .022 on the neck. This is what Leo Fender used, and they have a characteristic bright and clear sound. It’s great when paired with two vintage-output humbuckers (like the Seth Lovers) because the STK-S4m’s vintage voicing and output balances well with the vintage buckers, and the guitar remains fully hum-cancelling in all positions. Seth Lover’s P.A.F. They have very little influence on the tone of the neck PU but a wide range on the bridge. I use it for 2 years now. The pickup offers very even output. For more information, check out the interview between Seymour Duncan and Seth Lover. Makes me wanna try a Seth lover bridge pickup. As far as cap values, I use .047 for both, but things may be different to you on your particular guitar with your particular ears. Seth Lover’s biggest impact on today’s guitar players is probably the most famous pickup ever invented. It has a little of the Gibson formula, being a mahogany body and a maple top. Chet was constantly battling the hum as his popularity and volume increased. These would sound awesome in a 335! This is just another hint into the nature of this pickup. While Seth Lover didn’t invent the pickup itself (that was years earlier), he did invent the modern humbucker in 1955, which is still the design used on about half of the guitars sold today. We generally recommend 500k, but use whatever you like. I was trying to avoid any mud so went with the .022’s. I upgraded the stock neck pickup in my Epiphone SG and was very surprised at the rich mellow tone. … The Seth Lover is named after an old pickup designer in the 50s who designed the early PAF pickups for Gibson. Seymour Duncan is an American pickup maker that has been making aftermarket pickups for many years. Gibson’s … The STK-S4m Classic Stack Plus Strat for the middle position would be a great choice here. Yeah, that is the one bad thing about working on hollowbodies. It’s a fitting tribute to the father of the modern humbucker. Seymour Duncan Liberator Pickup Change System,, Announcing the Eric Steckel Signature “Candy” Humbucker Set. The Seth Lover is one of Duncans more old school pickups. In a shrewd and calculated move Fender drafted the inventor of Gibson’s humbucker, Seth Lover, to take care of business, and in 1970 the Wide Range Humbucker was born. Read user reviews for Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup and see over 325,000 product reviews at Mine is outfitted with the Seymour Duncan Liberator Pickup Change System to allow very quick solder-free pickup changes. It was raw, hot and bright and full of attitude. The difference is in the number of turns for the winding. The neck is warm, rich, open and airy with great sustain. Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge, (This content has been automatically translated from French). Compared to PG's, the bridge sounds … While this was an accepted fact of amplified guitar music, it took a former radio repair man to join Gibson in the early 1940s to tackle the fact that many people wanted to hear just the music, and not the hum that went along with it. Thanks.

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