musical fidelity m2si

Built on over thirty years of audio expertise, we design and engineer powerful hi-fi separates that deliver exceptional sound, high technical performance, excellent value for money and a superb build quality. The way that it makes music, never comes at the expense of finesse", "With M2scd a fine pairing and turn in an excellent performance, especially given thier relatively low pricing. Eine Aktualisierung in Echtzeit findet nicht statt, so dass der Preis seit der letzten Aktualisierung gestiegen sein kann. It would be easy to dismiss Musical Fidelity’s M2si on the grounds of features, or rather, the lack of them. The M2si is a simple no-frills analogue integrated amplifier. Musical-Fidelity M2SI CD-Player: Test, Reviews und Erfahrungen von Nutzern der HIFI-FORUM Community zum Musical-Fidelity M2SI. temporär gesenkter USt. About this product. It boasts trickle-down technology from our mighty and legendary Titan flagship, plus other high-end touches such as solid metal controls. Antesten lohnt sich! And it's all served up in an elegant, no-nonsense package. Das Gehäuse im identischen Design mit dem AV-Prozessor weist absolute Stabilität und Solidität auf. Musical Fidelity M3si. Im Test gefallen zum einen das robuste Gehäuse, der gut laufende Pegelregler und die präzise reagierenden Bedientasten, zum anderen schlägt sich der Verstärker in Kombination mit dem CD-Player M2SCD auch im Hörlabor gut. . Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years. Further flexibility is provided by the M2si's excellent connectivity, which includes six line-level inputs and switchable home-theatre throughput. Le M2si délivre 76 watts par canal dans 8 ohms et 137 watts sous 4 ohms. On the left side is drawn nameplate model, which makes the Musical Fidelity devices easily recognizable. Silver. Wenig, aber sinnvolle Ausstattung und saubere Verarbeitung machen ihn zu einem „best buy“. The preamplifier section works in Class A and is clearly segregated. Passer au contenu The M2si delivers 72 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 137 watts into 4 ohms. It is noteworthy that the M2si relies on a traditional voltage supply with powerful electrolytic capacitors and a toroidal transformer underneath its hood. This review will focus on the former, though naturally the two saw extensive use as a pair throughout the review. Its performance is rock-solid, it's sonically well-rounded and it's comfortable with a wide array of speakers. Measurement Values. The price is reasonable and inclusion of remote control is very nice in my book. Musical Fidelity likes to make use of SMT (surface mount technology), using mini components on the circuit boards, because the technique the mechanised board population process is extremely reliable. The Musical Fidelity M2si is a well built and nice looking, branded integrated amplifier. Was diese beim Test des M2si Vollverstärkers so vernommen haben, lesen sie direkt hier. Product Details. has greatly reduced If none of these actions affect a cure, please contact the dealer, or an authorised Musical Fidelity service agent. Because SMT saves space, Musical Fidelity is able to offer more inputs and increase the continuous power output of the amplifier. Discussion. M3si touch the housing with metal front 10 millimeters of thickness, which is at the top and bottom of the bit skew. Color. : MUSC-393902-FID Hersteller: Musical Fidelity. Zudem haben Sie keine Möglichkeit, einen Plattenspieler anzuschließen. It delivers a large-scale sound, one that’s packed with authority and substance.

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