Pawfleet Code of Conduct

  1. Know the chain of command. This is not a serious thing like the real military, but we have found that a hierarchy helps keep things moving and lessens some of the confusion that is natural in Twitter-based communication. Players need to know where to look for direction, and that is what a chain of command is for.
  2. Obey your commanding officers. For the same reasons listed above, wait for your “orders.” The game is unscripted, but commanding officers have worked together to create the scenario and know how to get us through.
  3. Follow all crew members and villains. You don’t won’t to be left out, do you? Of course not. This is just another way to make sure messages don’t get lost. A complete list of everyone’s Twitter handle is on our Wiki. You may also find it helpful to subscribe to the @Pawfleet/all-pawfleet list or create a Pawfleet list of your own.
  4. Pay attention to @ messages. Another thing that commanding officers work very hard at doing is keeping everybody involved. Whoever is first on the @ is usually the player who’s getting the question or the order. Be patient and let that player answer. Of course,  if the captain or other officer has asked for ideas, feel free to chime in. And if only one player is on the @ message, let that player answer!
  5. Avoid DMs as part of game play. Obviously, if you’re part of the scenario set up, some DMs are necessary, and we’re not saying you can’t DM your pals. But most communication should be out in the open.
  6. Help other players. This is a team game, and we’re all working to achieve a goal or solve a problem. We’re not all on the same level of play, and newer players depend on old pros to help get through the craziness.
  7. Be courteous. If your character is gruff, well, a certain amount of gruffness is expected. So while you’re being courteous, remember that some characters may be more like Worf than Geordie.
  8. Our villains are not really evil. They’re just regular pals (and their humans) like the rest of us. They may act all tough and rough and say horrible things about your mother, but they just play at being bad for the game.
  9. Have fun. It’s a game, after all, and having fun is the most important part.