Waiting List

The following individuals have been accepted to the Pawfleet Academy Waiting list. All individuals on this list will be granted entrance into the Academy as spots become available.  To the best of our ability, acceptance will go in the order of the waiting list.

If you do not see your name, it does not necessarily mean you won’t be accepted in the future.

This page was created to let the applicants who are clearly qualified and will be accepted in the future know that they are in line to join #Pawfleet.  Inclusion on this list means your place in the academy is secure, albeit pending an available slot.

  1. Moon Cookie (@Cookie_Cat1)
  2. Mr Breeze (@kittehboi)
  3. General Meow (@general_meow)
  4. Izzie (@IzzieTheRascal)
  5. Tarmac (@Tarmac_rules)
  6. Kira (@PurrBotKitty)
  7. Mikey (@Mikey_W_Cat)
  8. Cookie (@MouseFaceMeow)
  9. George the Duck (@GeorgetheDuck)
  10. Amber (@TheIowaAmber)
  11. Charlie & Freddie (@donnagocat)

As always, thank you for your interest in Pawfleet!

Admiral Watson