So you wanna join Pawfleet? Great! There’s no special knowledge you need to join. Pawfleet is based on Star Trek, with a bit of Doctor Who and Star Wars thrown in for good measure. Nobody’s done it yet, but Battlestar Gallactica or Stargate wouldn’t be out of line. If you know something about those classic TV shows/movies, all the better — but there’s no entry test. You can learn as you go, and veteran players are more than happy to help out.

Pawfleet is a Twitter-based role-playing game with missions and other fun events in which we interact with one another as our characters. Your first stop in Pawfleet is Pawfleet Academy, where seasoned players will help you, as a cadet, get oriented and decide what you’d like to do as a Pawfleet officer. You’ll also learn about the USS Crusher and the USS Riker, our starships, and all the other players in the game, including the villains (if you think you’d rather be a villain than one of the goody-goody Pawfleet officers, well, there’s an app for that too!). Cadets also go on missions with other officers, getting first-hand experience playing the game. You’ll progress through our four cadet levels, eventually graduating and becoming a commissioned officer on one of our ships.

Our only real requirement is that you are an active Twitter user. Feel free to join Pawfleet officers and friends at our regular Tuesdays at #TenForward events, every Tuesday from 6p to 10p ET (use hashtag #TenForward) and ask questions or just get to know some of our players. You can also learn more about us here on our web site or on our Wiki.

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