Cadet Orientation

Concatulations, and welcome to Pawfleet Academy. You will begin your official training shortly, but in the meantime, let us offer some tips that will make your time here more pleasurable and productive. Also, please be sure to read the Pawfleet Code of Conduct!

Your Pawfleet Academy experience

You enter Pawfleet Academy as a cadet crewman and progress through four levels before your graduate and become a commissioned Pawfleet ensign. During your first two levels (cadet crewman and cadet petty officer) you will participate in missions, typically shadowing officers, and receive general instruction from members of the crew. Cmdr LilBit will oversee this time in your Academy career and make sure you are tested to pass from cadet crewman to cadet petty officer and from cadet petty officer to cadet chief petty officer. Training and exams include, but are not limited to, information found here on the website and Star Trek trivia. All exams are open book. Also, you may be passed from one level to the next because of your performance during a mission. Cmdr LilBit makes that ultimate decision with input from other officers.

When you complete your second level work and become a chief petty officer, you must declare major and select an advisor. Cmdr LilBit and Counselor Luka will be available to help you make those decisions.

Since we don’t want to overburden our officers, if your chosen advisor already has a heavy load, you can choose to wait until some of his or her cadets graduate, or choose a different advisor.

Your advisor will supervise your remaining training and testing as you go from cadet chief petty officer to cadet acting ensign, and then a final exam to signal completion of your coursework. At that time, you will be given a brevet rank of ensign and your new ensign’s uniform pending your graduation and commission.

The Game

Pawfleet is a role-playing game featuring anipals in a Star Trek-like setting. Some activities, especially missions, have minimal “scripting” to give players focus. Others have even less “scripting” — graduations, for example — or none at all — gatherings in TenForward, for example.

Regardless of the activity, the game is dependent upon crew and cadet participation, but we know you can’t come to every mission, every time. Whenever it’s possible, beam on up.

Missions are the most complicated and fun part of Pawfleet play. Command officers — the captain and first and second officers — create an outline of the mission and some details ahead of time (all the “scripting” that happens). Details are minimal, however — the fun’s in the play and not knowing exactly how it’ll turn out. When the mission begins, only command officers and any other players necessary to create the plot know those details to facilitate the progress of the mission.

But even command officers don’t know how the mission will progress, or in many cases, how it will end. The surprises brought to the game by multiple players mean the game can change on a moment’s notice. As part of the crew, you’re free to jump right in. Using Star Trek, Star Wars or Doctor Who knowledge is encouraged.

We try very hard to keep the game time to an hour to an hour and a half. Some missions are what we call “one-offs,” completed on one mission day, and others are two-parters.

A note about playing an RPG on Twitter

It’s weird. It’s fast. It’s confusing. Not everybody is at the same speed. We all know that, and it’s OK. Remember the rest of us are in the same boat you’re in. If you feel lost, just sit back, relax, take a deep breath and wait until you know what’s going on again. We’ve all been there. Whenever possible, we’ll be operating in smaller groups working toward the same goal, and that should help. And more experienced players are happy to help as well.

A computer is not required. Several crew members play on phones or tablets, although some of our more experienced players prefer to use a Twitter app like Tweetdeck to keep up with the action.

Pawfleet Twitter accounts

We recommend that you follow all crew and cadets as well as @Pawfleet for service-wide announcements. Crew, cadet and villain Twitter accounts can be found on the personnel pages (or villain pages, in the case of villains) on our Wiki. Additionally, for your convenience, all Pawfleet members, villains and other associated accounts have been included on Pawfleet’s All-Pawfleet Twitter list. A list of associated Pawfleet accounts can be found on the Wiki, and hashtags can be found here.

The Pawfleet website and crew’s logs

Here at you’ll find general notes about Pawfleet and its missions and the menus for TenForward. Crew members also post logs on the site, and the captain posts General Orders here.

All officers and cadets have access to the website’s dashboard to post their own logs. Please contact @ScarySmartKitty (Cmdr LilBit) for your new password and user name. Once you have those, you may click “Log in” on the lower right of the sidebar on the main page to enter the information, or use the main log in page. LilBit will also answer any questions you have about use of the website.

Cmdr LilBit created your Pawfleet account with a non-existent Pawfleet email address and a simple password. You may change both on your profile page if you wish. Please don’t change anything else on that page. If you do not change the email address to your real address, however, you won’t be able to retrieve your password should you forget it. If that happens, contact Cmdr LilBit, who can reset it for you.

You are not required to post personal logs, and your success at the Academy is not related in any way to the logs.

Logs may be created by choosing “New Post” from the dashboard menu or your personal menu at the bottom of the right sidebar. The title of the post would be your rank and name, log, and the stardate (found at the top of the right sidebar on all public pages of the website). Example: Cmdr LilBit’s log, Stardate 11211.14.

Choose “Crew’s logs” for the category, and add any tags you wish. For example, uniforms, pawfleetexam, etc. You may save your draft before publishing. Some of you may be unable to publish. If you find no option to publish your log, alert Cmdr LilBit and she will publish for you.

After your log entry is published, you may Tweet out the link, post it on Facebook or your website, send it out via email or let your friends know about it any other way you wish.

The Pawfleet Wiki

Detailed information on Pawfleet, the ships, the crew, the villains and the Pawfleet universe live on the Pawfleet Wiki. This includes short biographies of everyone in the game. If you haven’t sent in your bio yet, please do so — send to scarysmartkitty at comcast dot net (Cmdr LilBit).

Many answers to questions on your exams can be found easily on the Wiki.

You can also help us keep the Wiki fresh and accurate if you’d like — this is certainly not required. If you think you would like to help us detail our universe, let Cmdr LilBit know and she’ll set up an account for you.

Again, concatulations on your acceptance to Pawfleet Academy! Welcome aboard, cadet!