Captain’s log, Stardate 11407.09

A few short naps ago, @mastertabbywan brought over his iPaw into my quarters to show me a small blip that would intermittently show up on routine sub-space scans. Out of pure curiosity (naturally), we started to head in its direction. Once the #Riker was close enough and much to our delight – we discovered this “blip” is actually an ancient space shuttle from back when Humans were the only ones to venture out into space.

We soon realized that the massive vessel before us was in fact the illustrious Triumph 22 Shuttle that was meant to serve as the first “Space Hotel” for millionaires and celebrities alike. However, given its hefty price tag and a few “incidents” involving some vey infamous actresses, it soon was abandoned and has been orbiting picturesque Venus ever since.

In tonight’s mission, we are simply going to board the ship for a tour just to look around and see what it is like inside! We can imagine what it must have been like to be rich and famous! I plan on heading to room #422 – that was the room Kitty Purry used to frequent! ME-OW!

Get ready crew! This is going to be a remarkable adventure!

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