Doc Simba’s last transmission

Mom was too overwhelmed to be at my memorial but since Double A got her to a better place she could finally read all your loving comments. Oh @am_dog and so many others send their love from #OTRB.
Doc Cheeto you are da best teacher & Doctor and #pawfleet new cadets are in good hands.
Noks I am sending you sumfin special for my special lil monkey always full of sunshine.
To da Captains and Admiral it was on honor and privilege to serve with you all (pawlutes)
To the crew, you are the best of the best and it was a joy to take care of all my friends. I left a list of how you like to take your meds for the next Doc of the USS Crusher,
I send my love to you and know that you all meant a lot to me! I’ll be watching you and if you ever need me I programed my image into the holo deck.
Doc Simba signing off!

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