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Time Cat’s Log – Stardate 11310.30

LTJG Gallifrey was taking a catnap in her quarters, cozy on the fleece-covered pet bed in the center of the simulated sun-puddle, when a loud noise from the LATKIS startled her awake…

 “What in the name of fish fingers and custard was THAT?!” she exclaimed as she tried to remove herself from the ceiling.

 Deftly, she unhooked her claws from the carpeted ceiling above her and dropped down to the floor, landing on her feet (naturally).  Grabbing her sonic cat toy from the bedside toy box, she padded over to the LATKIS, which was still emitting a growling, hissing sound.  She opened the door to the LATKIS, and the interior of that vessel was covered in flashes of red light, which was emanating from the center of the LATKIS console.  She hurried to the viewing panel, and saw a message there that almost turned her fur the color of snow…


 “It CAN’T be!” she cried.  “I put that time-lock in place myself!  There’s no WAY those dust-sucking monsters could find a way around it!  I must go back… if the Oreks get to this sector of space, these anipals that have taken me in and welcomed me as one of their own will be doomed!  I have to check on this… I only hope that it’s just a false alarm…”

 Gallifrey raced back into her quarters and hastily began packing her travel bag.

 “Majel, are you there?” Gallifrey said as she threw her spare bowtie in the bag.

 “Yes, Lieutenant.  How may I assist you?”

 “Majel, please take a message for Captain Kona, and send a copy to Admiral Watson… hmmm… better send a copy to Commander Lil’Bit as well, just in case.  If things go wrong, they need to be aware of what’s going on.  Tell them that I have had to go back to my home planet to investigate some disturbing readings I’ve just received concerning the time-lock I placed around my planet.  Tell them I’m hoping it’s just a false alarm, but to be on alert for Oreks, just in case.  Also, please send my apologies that I’m having to leave so soon after being appointed as Chief of Engineering on USS Riker… I’m sure they’ll find someone quite capable to fill in for me while I’m gone.  Did you get all that Majel?”

 “Yes, Lieutenant.  I have sent the messages.  Copies of the replies, if any, will be forwarded to your LATKIS through the communications relays you quite sneakily set up… that tickled when you did that, by the way.”

 Gallifrey paused in her frantic packing.  “Sorry about that, Majel… didn’t mean to tickle you, but you have to admit that being able to stay in communication with Pawfleet, even if I’m in the LATKIS, is a good thing.  Did you see that I also set up bowtie coordinates in the system as well?  Just in case, in the future, anyone needs to come onboard the LATKIS and it’s not here in my quarters… though I don’t know why we’d need to do something like that, but… you never know, right Majel?”

“Indeed, Lieutenant.  You are correct.  I wish you luck on whatever task you are departing for.”

 “Thank you, Majel.  With any luck, this won’t take long… but time-locks are tricky things…” 

 Gallifrey stuffed her last spare fez into her travel bag and stepped into the LATKIS, closing the doors behind her.  The light on top of the LATKIS began to flash blue, and a “whoop whoop” noise began to emanate from the LATKIS as it slowly faded out of the LTJG’s quarters.

 LTJG Gallifrey and her LATKIS were gone.