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General Orders – Stardate 11211.05

With all the recent events happening this weekend, I felt it was important to note a few changes in the chain of command on the USS Crusher.

First of all, congratulations are in order to the following officers, due to the following position and/or rank promotions:

  • Lieutenant Toby – Promoted from position of Chief of Security to Chief of Operations
  • Lieutenant Tabbywan – Promoted from the position of Assistant Chief of Security to Chief of Security. Also promoted in rank from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Cheeto – Promoted from the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer to Chief Medical Officer as a result of the passing of Doctor AmDog.  Lieutenant Cheeto will now be addressed as Dr. Cheeto, as appropriate for his new position. With these changes in the crew it is also necessary to update the Chain of Command.Reminder: If at any point during a mission an official commanding officer (myself, First Officer Commander Brodie or Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Kona) is not available, the highest ranking officer (or in the absence of a commissioned officer, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer, whether Cadet or enlisted) available remains in command until relieved by a higher ranking officer. Please note that the official chain of command for the ship stands like this:1. Captain Watson
    2. Commander Brodie
    3. Lieutenant Commander Kona
    4. Lieutenant Toby
    5. Lieutenant Tabbywan
    6. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) – Doctor Cheeto
    7. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) LilBit
    8. Ensign Beta
    9. Ensign – Counselor Luka
    10. Ensign Susie *
    11. Ensign Parrot *
    12. Cadet Chief Petty Officers Heisenberg and Cadet Crewman Noklop
    13. Cadet Petty Officer William
    14. Cadet Petty Officer Boris

* Denotes an officer with a field commission rather than a traditional commission.

Important Reminder: Even when two officers/crewmembers/cadets hold the same rank, there is still a hierarchy based on who was promoted first (For example, Dr. Cheeto and Lt. LilBit are both Lieutenants Junior Grade, but Doctor Cheeto achieved that rank first, ergo he outranks Lt. LilBit).

The only time two people would hold the same rank is if they enroll in the academy, enlisted, or were promoted on the same day, UNLESS one officer is a #Pawfleet Academy graduate and another holds a Field Commission, at which point the Academy graduate automatically has seniority.