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USS Crusher General Orders – Stardate 11308.22

It has been an eventful week in Pawfleet with the introduction of the USS Riker and the transfers of Captain Kona, Lieutenant Commander Tabbywan and Lieutenant Heisenberg to the Riker as it’s Captain, First Officer and Second Officer.  More transfers will be made in the near future, but in the meantime, lets update the Chain of Command for the USS Crusher.

Remember, if during a mission the commanding officer of said mission is incapacitated, the next highest person on the chain of command is now in command of the ship until relieved by a ranking officer.

Commanding Officers:

1. Captain Watson
2. Commander LilBit
3. Lieutenant Luka

Senior Officers:

4. Lieutenant Cheeto (Chief Medical Officer)
5. Lieutenant (j.g.) Boris (Chief Helmsman)
6. Lieutenant (j.g.) Susie (Chief Engineer)
7. Lieutenant (j.g.) Gretchen (Chief of Security)
7. Lieutenant (j.g.) Simba (Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Junior Officers:

8. Lieutenant (j.g). Noklop (Social Director)
8. Ensign Furlock ** (Special Assistant to Captain Watson).
9. Ensign William
10. Ensign Cheesecake
11. Ensign Kleo
11. Ensign Cheesecake
12. Ensign Henry
12. Ensign Galifrey
12. Ensign Spot
13. Cadet Acting Ensign Tink
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Athena
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Brutus Otis
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Kahlua
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer River
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Rusty
14. Cadet Chief Petty Officer Shai
15. Cadet Crewman Sugar Plum
15. Cadet Crewman Thomas
16. Ensign Ricky

Important Reminder: Even when two officers/crewmembers/cadets hold the same rank, there is still a hierarchy based on who was promoted first.

The only time two people would hold the same rank is if they enroll in the academy, enlisted, or were promoted on the same day, UNLESS one officer is a Pawfleet Academy graduate and another holds a Field Commission, at which point the Academy graduate automatically has seniority. (Example: Lieutenants Gretchen and Simba were promoted on the same day and therefore hold an identical place in the chain of command.)

There is one exception to the seniority of rank rule: Command Officers always outrank Senior Officers and Senior Officers always outrank Junior Officers, regardless of service and promotion time.