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Meritorious service commendation: Lieutenant Gretchen


In recognition of her fine work and leadership during the cold snap on Earth on Stardate 11401.02, Lieutenant Gretchen of the USS Crusher is hereby awarded this Commendation for Meritorious service.

On the above date, Lieutenant Gretchen performed above and beyond the call of duty in organizing and completing Operation Bold Rescue, saving hundreds of anipals left outside in freezing temperatures and inclement weather by their cruel and neglectful humans. Gretchen organized the rescue, providing food, shelter, medical care and toys on board the USS Crusher.

Lieutenant Gretchen is a credit to her ship and to Pawfleet. Thus, it is my pleasure to give her this Commendation for Meritorious Service.

pawprintCaptain LilBit
Commanding Officer
USS Crusher