Captain Kona’s Final Transmission

~ A great cat isn’t great because of what he’s accomplished. His greatness can only be measured in how many true furiends he has found in his life. ~ Captain Kona.

It is time for me to say goodbye my furiends, I am sorry that I must leave you all so soon, alas it is my time and I must follow my guiding angel-cat and receive endless belly rubs over the rainbow. Please do not be sad for me, be happy that I spent a very whole and happy life with all of my furiends at #Pawfleet and of course many others!

Think back to how happy we were when we caught that first rabbit, just the very beginning to what great adventures laid ahead of us! Think of the joyous time spent in TenForward and NoksLanding drinking tunatinis and having fun!
Remember the scary moments where we all pulled together and used team work to defeat even the evilest of foes! Of course, don’t forget the nip!!

I will remember my times with each and every one of you very fondly and feel blessed for each and every moment.

Although I may be gone in body, my spirit will be with each and everyone of you furrever.

Engage, my furiends, Engage.
sleeping kona

~Captain Kona out

1 thought on “Captain Kona’s Final Transmission

  1. Just like Spock said, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend”. Safe travels as you boldly go Sir Kona. You shall be missed. *salutes*

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