Captain Kona’s Log – Stardate 11311.06 – Bright Lights, Pretty Comet!

USS Riker is set for it’s historical maiden voyage this evening, as Paw Fleet will depart on a reconnaisance mission to collect data on the fabled MacGuffen Comet.  Legends of the comet are vague, but suggest that it appears only once every 37 Earth years (so once every 3-4 generations for dogs and cats) and that its immense beauty is so breathtaking that words to describe it haven’t even been discovered yet.

If the rumors of the MacGuffen Comet hold true, it could be the most spectacular sight a furry four-legged creature has ever laid eyes on (even if those eyes can’t see colors)!

Crew members are incredibly excited for the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event, and have been tasked by the Admiral to collect as much information as possible by way of stunning photographs, direct samples, and video footage.  Let’s hope the crew also takes time to “paws” and enjoy this ultra-rare event in all its glory.  It promises to be a memorable voyage for the crew, and the expedition is expected to go smoothly with no interruptions.

In other news, we’ve received a message from LTJG Gallifrey via Majel.  She has accepted a mission to investiage some unusual disturbances on her home planet.  Hopefully LATKIS will bring her back in time, and that she is both safe and successful in her efforts.

(Please note: the mission is scheduled to begin at its normal Wednesday night time of 8:00 PM EST)