Beta had kittehs!

Big huge thanks to everybody who came to the pawty for Pawfleet Academy Cadet Petty Officer @Beta_Troi and three little baby kittehs! And thanks to pals who sent a gift their way as well!

We hope you all had an excellent time.

Look here at what a great mom she is! The baby kittehs are @Leia_troi, @Obi_troi and @Q_troi. You can follow them, but they don’t Tweet much yet, mostly lots of “mews” and “feed mes.”

Our goal is to provide Beta & the kittens a great super Pawfleet area for their exercise, play and other needs as well as super geeky fun stuff! So we’ll leave the list up for a while in case you didn’t get a chance to check it out.

Here’s Beta’s story: A little over a month month ago, a little boy brought a young silver kitty, abandoned by her “owners,” to @Brodie_Dog and his mom. Brodie’s mom was enchanted. The little kitty looked hauntingly like her OTRB kitty, Sprite, and Brodie and his mom fell in love. And Beta — named for the USS Enterprise’s counselor in Star Trek: The Next Generation — fell in love too.

What the little boy, Brodie and his mom didn’t know — but her previous “owners” surely did — was that the little kitty was halfway through pregnancy. And two weeks after Beta found her new home, the Derecho crashed through their town. Had it not been for that little boy, Beta and her unborn kittens might have died in that storm.

Beta’s a sweet kitty and she deserves the best, especially after being dumped liked that! And since Beta’s mom gave away all her kitty stuff after Sprite went OTRB, we’ve made up the Wish List of stuff. If you’d like to send something, please DM @ScarySmartKitty (who is keeping track so they don’t get 3,000 light saber toys and who will DM you back with the address to send the gift). Just click on the picture of what you want and it’ll take you to the right place. If it doesn’t, let @ScarySmartKitty know and she’ll fix it!

And did I mention the theme is kinda Star Trek/Star Wars/SciFi? I’m sure that’s pretty obvious when you see some of the gifts! And yeah, I know, some are kinda pricey, but they’re really cool! You shoulda seen the Star Trek kitty trees we saw!

Now that the kittehs are finally here, we can cut the cake @LeoBlue31 made!

And just because it’s really cool, you can see a movie right here with Beta before the birth — and see the little kittehs moving in her belly!