whirlpool clutch spring color

You can remove the clutch and see if it broken. Includes blue spring for large capacity washers and green for compact washers. If the tub is slipping or not spinning then it could be your clutch. Type: Washer Clutch… Thats why I changed to the blue one but the blue and green spring numbers do not agree with the number shown for the seperate spring … I didn't bother doing the rebuild kit. After replacing the drum clutch, is there a "wear in" period for the new clutch band and basket? For Whirlpool Washer Clutch Band and Lining Kit # LA8354903PAWP240. Manufactured using only the Highest Quality Chrome-Silicone wire that has been shot peened. Blue Elf 285785 Washer Clutch Kit Replacement -Works with Whirlpool & Kenmore Replaces 285331, 3351342, 3946794, 3951311, AP3094537 (Inst 0 Sold by WarehouseOverflow Can we still replace the clutch w/o removing the agitator? Whirlpool Washing Machine Drain Pump … The washer is working again and I didn't have to buy another one. When I disassembled the washer I realized the shaft seal on the top of the gearcase was leaking and not the input shaft seal. Hope this helps. or Best Offer. since the washer drains out correctly if restarted replace the timer WP3946430. Tip: The clutch band kit includes a short and long clutch band spring. Since I had the cover off I drained all the oil out of the transmission, cleaned up all the parts and put it back together. Use the short clutch band spring if you have a compact washer, otherwise use the long spring. The new blue spring weighs 0.246 ounces, the new green spring weighs 0.272 ounces, and the old spring weighs 0.286 ounces. This is a complete clutch assembly for direct drive washing machines. Sometimes life requires a little maintenance. Washing machine clutch assembly with hardware. I went from spending $800 to only $50 on parts. He then at that point agreed we could do this. We've been in business for almost 30 years developing world-class CVT Clutch Kits. However, to access the clutch assembly, the agitator would need to be removed so that the tub nut can be taken off. So, the other day, when my washer quit spinning the first thing I did is go to the internet again to see if I would be able to fix again. Heavy Duty 285753A Motor Coupling Kit 285785 Washer Clutch Kit For Whirlpool Kenmore Sears Roper Estate 285331, 3351342, 3946794, 3951311 4.4 out of 5 stars 197 $19.89 $ 19 . Hope this helps. Then I handed my husband the lap top and had him watch them also. And we did. This assembly includes a brake cam driver, blue springs for large capacity washers, a black spring for compact washers, and the installation instructions. A Quick Fix for Whirlpool & Kenmore Washer Brake Lockup Problems. Spent about $100 on this repair and several hours over a couple of days. You can inspect the clutch by removing the transmission from the washer. Receive discounts, usage tips, and recall notices. If everything checks ok, the transmission may be bad. See all items in Washer Brake & Clutch and Washer Dryer Combo Brake & Clutch. $13.95. For instance, a 68 gram Blue Roller, coupled with a 11.3 in Blue Spring … C $35.28. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge. All of their videos were spot on and I was able to get my washer working again. Now here is the weird part, The FSP came with a Blue and a Green spring (where is the black?). Going to stiffer clutch springs can indeed get rid of such a lag, but you are really just covering it up. This will allow for the transmission to be able to shift down when removing it to replace the clutch. This clutch assembly comes with a brake cam driver, blue springs for large capacity washers, and a black spring for compact washers. Answer Eskola, if the model number of your appliance could be provided in a new question, this will allow for the most accurate information to be presented. It took me about an hour or so to swap out the parts. It comes with brake cam driver. I had taken my old washer apart several years ago and could not get it back together so I was hesitant to even think about trying it.

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