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 The time I visited a few days ago the water levels were very low and I walked along the entire length of the Jetty without touching water. You will travel to Promontory Point visitor center and keep following the road and signs until you reach the Jetty. How to Get to the Spiral Jetty. The jetty changes the picture of the world, giving formal outlet to energy that would otherwise be residual and unrecognized. Copyright © 2020 The Trek Planner. Verify my picture” button on the left hand side bar.  If verified, you will receive a badge on your user page and you will rank up. There are cows and fields, mountains, and tumbleweed out there. The parking lot is big enough to have some tents set up without impeding traffic (if any). And Where is the Spiral Jetty? Spiral Jetty may be in sight. From here it gets a little more complicated, as much of the time you will be driving on dirt roads, which at times can seem like off-road, so pay attention. The spiral is also a symbol of the dialectic process and Dialectical monism. Depending on snow and rain runoff from the surrounding mountains and rivers the Spiral Jetty can sometimes be completely submerged in water. The Jetty is a site-specific work, meant to interact with changing conditions of the surrounding water, land, and atmosphere. Spiral Jetty is artist Robert Smithson’s most famous work, a man-made spiral of basalt rock that juts out into the Great Salt Lake along its northeastern shore at Rozel Point.. As one of the core members of the minimalist/earthworks movement in the late 1960s, Smithson was a canonical mention in my art history classes, along with Donald Judd, Michael Heizer, and Nancy Holt. Rocky trail, Allowed. You drive past the Golden Spike Monument and keep on the road when it goes from pavement to dirt and gravel. Head west to the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Detailed driving directions; Camera; Picnic lunch and water . Learn what and where the Spiral Jetty is, how to get there and tips for your journey to see this unique work of art that is so large it is visible from outer space, as long as it’s not under water. From my home in Davis County it took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the Spiral Jetty. The Spiral Jetty is an art piece out in nature. A wrong turn can effectively mean you are trespassing. I guess the biggest problem is that there is private land nearby so as long as you don’t trespass over the fences you should be fine finding a flat area for your tent. Driving Directions . A few years after its completion, above-average snowfall and freak flooding caused the lake to rise, and Spiral Jetty disappeared in the waters. Trek Challenge:  Prove that you have been to the Spiral Jetty!  Take a selfie or picture of yourself with the Spiral Jetty.  Upload your photo by clicking the “Yes! A fully gassed up vehicle that you don’t mind taking off-road. Map to recommended offbeat attractions, and road trip sights -- museums, monuments, tourist traps, folk art, pet cemeteries. The Spiral Jetty is out in the middle of nowhere it feels like. For many years it was completely under water. 3. The gravel road will wind around on the boundaries of private land but it is absolutely legal to drive out there. - The road from the Golden Spike National Historic Site Visitors Center to the Spiral Jetty is a maintained dirt road. I’m not exactly sure where a good place to camp is around there.  It has always been on my list of things to do but I have never really justified spending the two hours to drive out there – I wish I had sooner now. There are 3 ways to get from Salt Lake City to Spiral Jetty by bus, taxi, train or car. If there is lots of bouldering or if there is bushwhacking involved then the rating will be higher. The Google Maps app on my phone was a pretty reliable navigator, too. In art.  I was surprised to see a big truck with chains on the tires loaded with people checking out the Jetty too. Smithson was reportedly attracted to the Rozel Point site because of the stark anti-pastoral beauty and i… The drive takes 40 minutes each way on dirt roads from the Golden Spike visitor center. The Spiral Jetty is an earthwork of art, created by Robert Smithson in 1970 in a remote section of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  If you have extra time, which you should because you traveled the 2 hours to get out here, you should climb the short hill to the north of the parking lot for views of the Jetty and lake. But much of the land is private so be careful where you camp, Bring snacks and/or meals depending on how long you are going to be out there. Spiral Jetty Trip Report The Spiral Jetty (1970), by Robert Smithson is an early prime example of Earthworks sculpture. North Jetty from Mapcarta, the free map. It is 16 miles on a nice gravel road to the jetty. 1. And Where is the Spiral Jetty? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Photo: Casey Barber. You will be right on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, The Jetty is 1500 feet in total length. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. What is Spiral Jetty? Getting to this spot is easy without a 4. If the Trek is short then it won't receive that high of a rating. It was designed by Robert Smithson and completed in 1970. A Trek Planner Admin will review your photo and if the picture is a clear match to the Trek Challenge the Trek will then be displayed on your own profile page and you will rank up. Enjoy it out there! Regardless of how tired and exhausted we were, if we had a ton of fun doing the Trek then it will receive a higher rating. The Spiral Jetty is an earthwork of art, created by Robert Smithson in 1970 in a remote section of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Bring one liter of water. Turn left onto Golden Spike Road and continue for 7.7 miles up the east side of Promontory Pass to Golden Spike National Historic Site Visitor Center. This is an undeveloped area of mostly private ranch and government land. You Might Also Like : Flowering Trees in Utah, Check out the video version of this article on YouTube, How to Enjoy Free Attractions in Atlanta, Georgia, How to Find Cheap Hawaii Vacation Packages. North Jetty is a dam in Florida. Drive 1.4 miles. Continue driving for approximately 9 miles. The Spiral Jetty is a good 40 miles from the nearest gas station and there really isn't much traffic on the road so if you ran out of gas it would not be fun. Travel another mile and it is right at the second junction. Smithson reportedly chose the Rozel Point site based on the blood-red color of the waters and its connection with the primordial sea. At the fork in the road, turn right (southwest). The spiral has inspired artists throughout the ages. 1. It is located on the North shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, at Rozel Point. People had written messages in the salt and sand between the jetty spiral. I'd love to hear from you! Follow the signs to Golden Spike National Historic Site and continue past the Visitor’s Center. What is Spiral Jetty? Spiral Jetty Parking: 41.43841, -112.66627 Spiral Jetty Overlook: 41.43982, -112.66431 Spiral Jetty: 41.438223°, -112.666491°. Travel 5.5 miles down the road and take a left at the first junction. All Rights Reserved. It can all be done in a passenger car and usually isn’t impassable from snow. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. There are signs directing you to Spiral Jetty. Spiral Jetty is about an hour’s freeway drive, then a half hour’s rural-highway drive, then an hour’s bone-jarring-road drive from Salt Lake City. Technicality also includes if there are steep inclines or the need for ropes and other equipment. Robert Smithson designed and directed the construction of his iconic work the Spiral Jetty in April 1970. You can hardly see the white truck in the parking area. The great reveal. It is accessible through the Golden Spike National Historic Site, the place where the Union Pacific joined the Central Pacific railroad to … Don't hesitate to park and walk. Made of black basalt rocks and earth gathered from the site, Spiral Jetty is a 15-foot-wide coil that stretches more than 1,500 feet into the lake. It is made primarily from basalt rocks collected near the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake near Rozel Point in Utah. Spiral Jetty, Rozel Point – Box Elder County Utah – near Promontory Point visitor center. From my home in Davis County it took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the Spiral Jetty. While the casual audience might think of “Spiral Jetty” as just the sculpture, the art world holds these accompanying video and written pieces in high esteem. The roads leading out to Spiral Jetty are unpaved and unnamed, but there are occasional signs pointing visitors in the right direction, and Dia has thorough directions on their website. The red hue of the water is due to the presence of salt-tolerant bacteria and algae that thrive in the extreme 27 percent salinity of the lake's north arm, which was isolated from fresh water sources by the building of a causeway by the Southern Pacific Railroadin 1959.

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