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Handle Material: Titanium Type: Folding, Assisted The saying “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” has a lot of truth to it, but thankfully most fights don’t involve a gun. Total Weight: 4.80 Ounces. The Smith & Wesson SWGRT9B has a classic double-bladed boot knife design. Handle Composition: Leather Handle Material: Billet Aluminum A knife may be legal in one state but illegal in another. That's why you practice. This simple yet handy pocket knife is a reliable self-defense knife that prevents any unwanted closure. I’ll cover a long list of reasons why carrying a knife for self defense can be better than a gun at the bottom of the page, but the main reason is a knife is more practical, and current laws are much kinder to knives than guns. Handle Composition: Die-cast Aluminum Serrated blades look more intimidating which is thought to scare away a would-be attacker, but it’s often recommended to hide the fact that you have a knife as long as possible in a self defense situation. This is a good self defense knife to throw in your truck or to attach to your gear when you go camping to possibly use in a self defense situation. Or, more accurately, practice with them. Whats really special about using these as a self defense weapon is that they are basically designed from the ground up with your protection in mind. Another knife with a grandiose-sounding name, Gerber’s Ghoststrike fixed blade knife makes our list for a multitude of reasons. Total Length: 8.75 Inches The Ka-Bar is one of the best-known knives around the world and certainly in the United States. Rs 999 Rs 499. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. And they don’t get much better than Cold Steel’s Drop Forged Push Knife. Blade Steel: 420HC Similarly, automatic knives and assisted-opening knives can also open at a moment’s notice. Carrying, accessing and possibly utilizing a knife or knife-like tool on another person is serious business. There are also alternative benefits to this. Self Defense Security Telescopic Folding Stick(very good quality) Rs 480 . That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your everyday carry — whether it’s for self-defense or otherwise — meets the local rules as set out by the government. And while any knife — fixed or folding, everyday carry or survival, etc. The Spydie hole in the blade, as well as the design, makes the knife easy to collapse and open without your fingers ever having to be in the path of the blade. It’ll be tough to sharpen, but if you’re using it primarily as a self-defense knife, that’s not so much of an issue. Overall this is one of the best self defense knives out there and I think at its price point is worth checking out and reading reviews. If you’re planning on keeping the knife in your home or truck some of the larger fixed blades are good options. A smaller version of one of the brand’s most popular combat-ready knives, this compact blade boasts a CPM-S30V steel drop point blade, durable and lightweight billet aluminum handle, the brand’s signature secure AXIS locking mechanism, and more. If you think it sucked or there are knives I should add to the list please let me know, it will benefit everyone. For starters, it’s compact enough that you could theoretically slip it into your pocket — measuring up at just 6.9″ in total. Knife Self Defense. The sheath on this knife is top quality, too. It has almost no useful value as a day to day cutting tool. Total Length: 9.50 Inches Its primary job is to incapacitate or disable an assailant so you can make your escape. Handle Composition: G10 Total Length: 6.75 Inches For more information on knife blade shapes you can head over to the Marine Approved Knife Blade Types guide found here. It’s made from 440C stainless steel to provide total durability and stays sharp no matter how frequently you use it. That said, this little knife has a wickedly sharp VG-10 steel blade that can inflict some serious damage. A stabbing motion often only leaves a small hole, which can still be fatal and penetrate vital organs, but not optimal for self defense. Blade Length: 4.80 Inches After all, even if you’re protecting yourself, if you’re breaking the law by carrying something that’s illegal — automatic knives, for instance, are widely illegal to carry in public — you can be charged as a criminal for the laws you are breaking. That’s why, in our opinion, the best self-defense knives are those that can be deployed quickly. You can use the knife with a standard grip but is probably better used in the overhand or ice pick grip. Now, it does have a drop point and it does have utility value, but if you’re looking for something to work with, Benchmade has better options. The clip on the knife allows it to attach comfortably on a pant pocket or on a belt. KA-BAR has a long and storied history of making some of the world’s best and most important combat blades. Its bowie style titanium-finish black blade is 154 CM. This knifes functionality sets it apart from most other fixed blade knives at this price point. In a tactical situation, action is faster than reaction. The company also offers a 10-year warranty, which is pretty impressive for a knife at this price point. Leather too thin, cheap retention clips/springs, too much Kydex are all usually replaced by something a bit more conducive to effective deployment. Now, the SF part is more of an appearance aspect than anything else but I do prefer the Triple Point serrations over the Veff serrations. Now imagine that concentrated ten times. OTF (short for out-the-front) knives are one of the most widely prohibited styles of knives out there, as the government likes to associate them exclusively with person-to-person combat and, therefore, sees them as a threat. If you have no experience with Karabits I recommend checking out some YouTube videos on them. This knife literally almost turns you into a Velociraptor. Plus, everyone needs a badass Karambit knife in their collection. Fox Knives G10 Karambit with Emerson Wave, 25. The only small cons with this knife are ergonomics. The handle is made of aluminum, so the knife is lightweight. My Review: If you’re someone looking for a large self defense knife to throw in their pack or doesn’t mind carrying a large knife on you, the Voyager XL is an awesome knife and one of the strongest folding knives on the market. Handle Material: Rubber Total Length: 14.75 Inches Blade Style: Bowie Blade Style: Drop-Point It requires understanding the legal ramifications of doing so: the why, when and how of justifiable use of lethal force. That’s why we did the digging for you and compiled all of our research here. We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. ForPete'sSake 48,565 views. You also don’t want a knife that is too large and cumbersome. My Review: The Yojimbo 2 was designed by a personal defense instructor Michael Janich for self defense. I highly recommend the Ka-Bar Short Tanto as a personal defense weapon for inside your vehicle. Total Weight: 5.10 Ounces. This Karambit is quite expensive, you can find a cheaper Karambit below in this review. My Review: Small, inexpensive, but extremely mighty! With a deep finger guard, strong sharp tip, and curved blade shape make this blade perfect for stabbing, slashing, and cutting. Total Length: 7.50 Inches Blade Length: 3.20 Inches It is true that we may have a prefered grip for wielding a knife but in a self defense situation, that choice may not be available. You see, this oddly-crooked fixed blade was made specifically for close-quarters self-defense in situations where an officer is facing off against an opponent who is trying to get ahold of their firearm. The unique “wave shaped opening feature” is something that really sets this knife apart.

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