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With your support, we provide funding for vital projects and programs that preserve and protect the park. From there, the field is wide open. Our media brands are global and regional leaders within Energy, Mining and Metals. DESCRIPTION: The project involves analysing the surface mass balance from stake data over a ten years period 2004 – 2013. REQUIRED STUDENT BACKGROUND: Working knowledge of Python and PDEs. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: none STUDENTS: Thomas Mosier, Tyler Sutterley These measurements will be used to calculate long-term glacier volume and mass changes and will be compared with / placed in the context of, in situ measurements of mass balance and temperature and precipitation. NCO ( and CDO ( are essential command-line tools. The field team consisted of Cal Waichler, Mariama Dryak, Jill Pelto and Mauri Pelto. This can cause seasonal variations in flow speeds of similar magnitude compared to observations. in the Alps, Andes). Modeling Glacier Dynamics with Flubber (Grades 3-5) These hands-on activities simulate glacial flow. Along with our central research objectives, we are a Charitable Company which provides the opportunity of practical experience for students taking part in field courses and for sustained periods of individual fieldwork for … We'll be in touch soon with Glacier Park Conservancy news, updates, and exciting stories. If you’re using a Mac with MacPorts, there is also a port for dolphin (can be a bit tricky). SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Matlab The students use a glacier-modeling compound made from glue, water, and detergent (“flubber”) to predict and observe glacial flow. REQUIRED STUDENT BACKGROUND: Minimal exposure to differential equations and use of Matlab or similar. Ideas for 6th-grade science fair projects can be a challenge to conceive. Glacier Project Recipe quantity Add to cart Categories: 2018 , Ideas & Inspiration , Project Recipes Tags: 12-inch Straight Trimmer , creative memories , Double Chevron Border Maker Cartridge , Glacier Paper , Original Border Maker System , Page Layout , Project Recipe , Tape Runner STUDENTS: David Lilian, Florian Ziemen REQUIRED STUDENT BACKGROUND: none, This year we have a module on science communication taught by Lindsay Bartholomew (Science Curator of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science in MIami). REQUIRED STUDENT BACKGROUND: Basic familiarity with data analysis and visualisation within the software listed above. PROJECT 5: Models for hydrology and sliding on the Kennicott glacier Category:Glacier articles by quality links to subcategories that list all known articles related to this project, namely, the subcategories immediately below. Glacial sediments and landforms are a major source of such data, and palaeoglaciological and palaeoclimatic reconstructions are often based on interpretations of sediments with reference to modern analogues. The analysis could be extended to give estimates for the entire ice cap (7800 km2). This project will examine the relationship between glacial processes and the sediment record at Ruth/Kennicott Glacier. Learn how to make a landform project that will surely win over the hearts of your science teachers and show off your stuff to the other kids in your class. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:: Matlab, and any GIS software (ArcGIS, QGIS, etc) All donations are tax deductible. Details will evolve with student interests. PROJECT 3: Seasonal variations in flow speed of Jakobshavn Isbrae Students will use learned strategies to contribute to a summer school course blog, develop a concept for a hands-on activity related to their research that may be delivered in a museum or classroom, and participate in a competition in which they create and submit a short and fun video about their research. the project also addresses the subconscious and emotional defence-mechanisms many people experience in relating to and dealing with climate change, and how these mechanisms manifests themselves in our expression, in our ideas and in our contact with a melting glacier. ADVISOR: Nick Barrand PROJECT 2: Inverse modeling Below is the latest version. Next we’ll move to a 1D enthalpy advection-diffusion-production equation to study processes in the firn or at the base of a glacier where phase changes occur. $29,603.75 is still needed to fund this project in full. Brown, Black Swifts: The Poster Bird for Climate Change. Mauri Pelto has directed the project since its founding in 1984, spending more than 700 nights camped out adjacent to these glaciers. The aim is to calculate winter, summer and net specific balance in each stake location, then in the entire basin and discuss problems and uncertainties. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Data is provided in an Excel spreadsheet and can be analysed in Excel or transferred into the student’s preferred program, Matlab or similar. It is close to the western end of Lake McDonald, the largest lake in the park. Please check your email for the Glacier Visitor Guide. Aim for a typed presentation with visual aids, such as pictures or physical examples. Each team member has studied glaciers on more than one continent and is passionate about science … International Summer School in Glaciology. Use a marker to mark the perimeter of the band on the waxed paper. 2 talking about this. PROJECT 1: Kinematic GPS processing SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:: Matlab, and any GIS software (ArcGIS, QGIS, etc) Students build salt dough landforms, make maps, and write fictional narratives in a … However, when glaiers vanish, here is a mjor loss of information, and glacial sediments represent an impoverished archive of former glacier activity. A threshold relation between positive air temperatures and changes in microwave backscatter will be used to calculate the timing and duration of melting.

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