can you lay paving slabs on existing concrete

I just jet washed my huge drive, next step is to kill the weeds and then I am looking to fill the huge gaps between the slabs. 5 years ago. Currently I’m planning on laying them on a sharp sand / cement mix 8:1 ratio. Check size, layout and more importantly, that you have enough paving slabs. Always dry lay your patio first, a simple job of laying out the paving as you want the finished patio to be. The subsurface could be an existing surface like concrete or asphalt. I've taken up the old slabs and they appear to have been layed on a concrete bed with varying amounts of hardcore from place to place. Tile is available in a wide range of textures, materials, and colors, so you can choose an inviting look that’s just right for your patio space. If the concrete has been poured over an unstable base, the slabs, once they crack at the expansion joints, can pivot slightly with traffic. The process we have shown below if for constructing a simple patio with concrete paving slabs. You then simply lay the paviours, compact them using a wacker plate and brush in kiln dried sand without the need for cement. Our garden has a few paths formed from concrete slabs. They originally quoted for taking up the existing concrete in one area and taking up a mixture of tarmac/hardcore and other material from another large area. If it is and you lay block paving on top of your current driveway, where it meets the street, there will be a slight bump depending on how thick the block you're using. There are various ways you can lay paving slabs. Patios are pointed to prevent water getting under them as when it does it can soak into the bed of sand/cement and if you look at our project on freeze thaw action you will see how it can wreck the patio. Pavers are a great stone to lay over your existing concrete patio. Dansand No Grow Block Paving Sand for Paving Slabs. Ensure you are wearing appropriate safety protection throughout your task. The Surfaces Suitable As A Base For Resin Application. If you are laying paving slabs for a car to drive on you will need a different process than the one shown below. Exposed aggregate concrete resurfacing is the most popular resurfacing choice. Pavers are easy to lay and easy to remove and update. Cracks caused by base movement in concrete slabs are rare but economic considerations and increased construction thickness often dictate that resin bound surfacing should be applied to asphaltic bases. Whenever a small, loose, rounded or sub-rounded gravel is placed on top of a hard surface, we get what we call the "Ball Bearing Effect" - the individual stones that make up the gravel act just as would ball bearings or marbles on the kitchen floor: they move; they shift when a load is imposed upon them; they travel; and they usually end up sending someone to the local A&E Department. ... but can be applied over existing concrete is 'pattern imprinted concrete' that comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns: There's not much point in preparing the surface, as the paving will essentially be held in place by gravity either way. Looking to lay a new patio. When you’re laying the slabs, make sure you kneel on the sand rather than on the slabs you’ve already laid – the extra pressure may bed in the slabs too deep and make your patio uneven. After hardcore base is compacted its time to lay the paving. I've recently had some quotes for some paving, one guy suggested laying the blocks on top of the existing concrete slabs, the other suggested that it would be best to remove existing slabs… These come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Sweeping dirt’s debris over the existing concrete slab will allow bonding to take place. The Experts at Homebase show you how to lay a patio in this step by step guide on laying patio slabs. Remove and give away or break up into more easily handled pieces with Mr S. Hammer. Paving over existing concrete and type 1. You can easily dress up your pool, patios, outdoor entertainment areas and even the driveway by laying pavers over existing concrete. Any unevenness will be mirrored in your new slabs. There are many things to consider when installing paving stones such as creating a pattern, leveling the pavers, properly spacing out pavers, cutting pavers, installing on curves and more. You lay 100mm concrete reinforced slab for driveways and house pads which holds up your walls weighing tons. If you are interested in getting a quote for us to lay the concrete paving slabs in New Aberdour AB43 6 make sure to fill in the contact form presented on this page. Every resin bound driveway requires a sub-surface which serves the base. Alternatively, you can apply a coat of coloured concrete or aggregate concrete over the existing slab for a different look. Fill the gaps between slabs with more sand. Before you begin. Although, it is slightly uneven and cracked in places. I wouldn't lay slabs ontop of other slabs as else your compromising with the previous levels unless you lay another layer of sand on top. You can lay slabs for paving hard surfaces on sidewalks, entrances, patios and more. Use a paver splitter or diamond-tipped blade and an electric saw for a quick, clean cut. lay paving slabs existing wood decking cover. If you don't have access to either, use a cold chisel and a hammer to score the cut line on both sides. While the types of slabs available vary greatly, the principles and methods of laying slabs remain largely the same. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing. Little by little it will erode the sand and cause the slabs to tilt. Many people wonder if they can lay pavers over an existing concrete patio or pad. Concrete that is 100-150 thick as you explained what probably holding large amount of weight. Also, it can … While traditionally flagstones are set in a bed of compacted sand and gravel over raw dirt, they can also be installed on top of an existing concrete surface. If pouring a new slab of concrete next to an old slab, both surfaces can be dyed to achieve a similar look; however, these slabs will absorb the dye at a different rate so the colour may not be an exact match. I can't understand what would possess someone to want to lay slabs in the way they have - i think they were trying to create flower shapes! It looks a little ugly and we'd like to lay some paving slabs over the top. Groundwork sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to the pavers. Molded or cut from concrete, natural stone or brick, there are a few ways you can cut pavers. You can also mill or grind the concrete prior to the overlay to ensure the new asphalt overlay will have a good bond to the concrete. For example, different types of asphalt fabric can be installed to reduce the amount of reflective cracking that can occur in an asphalt overlay on concrete. The last thing you want is for water to drain through the slabs Doug. Its decorative look combined with its relatively low cost makes it exceptionally good value for money that most people find hard to beat. Remember, you can avoid these problems if you hire the right contractor. Tarmac and concrete are the most suitable bases for resin driveways. Ultimately, whether or not laying pavers on top of the pre-existing slab will depend on the project type itself. According to several paver manufacturers, paving blocks can be installed on top of concrete without mortar if you first lay down a 1/2″ to 1” bed of coarse sand. So what surfaces can I lay my resin bound aggregates on? 0 0. You would be best to remove the concrete, but you've covered that. Pavers . You've succombed to the garden makeover then lol! If you’re thinking of upgrading your concrete driveway, patio or pool deck, the best thing you can do is hire a professional to do the work for you. Sweeping and spraying. Anonymous. The answer is, yes you can, provided that the conditions are right. The process is nearly identical to laying a paver patio over ground. Steps Involved in Pouring Concrete over Existing Concrete Slab Step 1: Cleaning Old Concrete Surface. I’m looking to lay paving slabs to renovate my back garden. Some contractors will use a mix of river sand and cement to lay the slabs on as this gives a thicker more workable cement , however it does not stick effectively. This includes removing sand, dead leaves, and gravel. The method below is suitable for many types of paving slabs, so whether you’re laying concrete slabs or natural stone, our guide has you covered.However, bear in mind that if you are laying porcelain paving slabs you will need a slightly different installation method.. What you need to lay your paving slabs: The process all depends on what traffic & weight the paving slabs will carry once finished. Out the back we have a fairly large area of concrete with paving slabs inset . Currently there is an existing concrete base. In short, you would dig out the area to be block paved, lay and compact type 1 MOT before laying and compacted sand. The concrete serves as the stable foundation or subsurface necessary to keep paving bricks in place and prevent any shifts that occur as they settle or … With an aggregate base, you have the ability to create new patterns or shapes; this is not the case if you are installing pavers over concrete. One of the best tools that can be clean all the debris out of crack is a stiff-bristle broom. Installing paving bricks over an existing concrete slab spruces up the area and enhances the landscape. Under one of the flags some water got in and there is a bit of a hole now a few cm deep, but that's the only damage I can see. Before starting to lay the paving it’s important to have the slabs in a readily available position so that you can grab them quickly. It looks like it's at least 10cm thick, maybe around 12cm. There are additional things that can be done prior to the overlay to get the maximum life out of it. Well to be honest if the paving has been down for years and hasn't moved why would it move when tiled. A slab is a structural element used for flooring (similar to tiles but larger in size and usually made of concrete instead of ceramic). If you really can’t agree on removing the concrete and insist on using real grass, then you won’t have it easy.Real turf over a concrete foundation will need a minimum soil layer of 25 cm.You should choose a shallow-rooted species as well. If you are a beginner or have done some woodworking you will find these plans easy-to-follow as the instructions are very clearly written The woodworking plans are straightforward so they are not complicated at all. Since you will be laying on concrete - do as you suggest and lay cement to place the stones on. The cracks are minimal, it’s more of the uneven’ness I’m concerned with. Keep adding the slabs and ensure there’s a gap of about 10-15mm between each stone.

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