Welcome to Pawfleet

To boldly go where no #anipal has gone before …

Founded by @WilWheatons_Cat, Admiral Watson, Pawfleet is home to the USS Crusher, the USS Riker and their crews of (currently) cats, dogs, ferrets and a parrot. The starships and their crews scour the universe to keep it safe for all #anipals, ever ready to battle Sith Lords and Vacuum Monsters and whatever else threatens the safety of #anipals.

Along with the starships, Pawfleet is also home to Pawfleet Academy, where Pawfleet hopefuls are trained according to their specialty by the senior officers under the supervision of Capt. LilBit, the chief instructor. Pawfleet Academy is open to all #anipals — apply here. Humans need not apply.

Pawfleet proudly boasts three JediCats — Master @WilWheaton’s_Cat, @mastertabbywan, captain of the USS Riker, and @mastershai_shai, a lieutenant and chief of security aboard the USS Crusher.

The USS Crusher’s restaurant and bar, Ten Forward, and its USS Riker counterpart, Noks Landing, are also home to Pawfleet pawties.

Follow the adventures of Pawfleet through ship’s logs and records of the crew’s exploits, and follow @Pawfleet for service-wide announcements or check us on Facebook. Follow the crew individually (see the personnel pages on the Wiki of the Wiki’s Twitter page) to experience Pawfleet in real time, or follow @Pawfleet’s all-pawfleet list to add all Pawfleet twitter accounts at once. See this page for relevant hashtags.

Additionally, Pawfleet has opened a Wiki to contain the ever-expanding information about the Pawfleet universe.